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Interview with Actor Joel Sturrock

"No doubt Joel has found his true passion in life with movement of all kinds, whether through choreography, acting, writing, or in the near future (I’m certain), directing. His enchantment with the entire process of making films is readily apparent, as is his determination to arduous work to actualize the complete spectrum of his ambitions and dreams. Although countless young people continue to flood the gates of this industry seeking fame and fortune, it is the genuine aspirants like Joel who don’t give up when things don’t happen as rapidly nor in the way they may have envisioned it. Joel is one who is equally content infusing a role with heart and spirit, devising the most consummate way to choreograph the movement of diverse works, or penning a tale to inspire and entertain. It’s no wonder Charlie Chaplin–indeed an individualistic actor who broke out of the norms of his time to create new opportunities for actors–is one with whom he would relish spending a day, as it boggles the mind to imagine just what legacy Joel Sturrock may establish within the world of entertainment. Be sure that you follow Joel at the various links below lest you miss a solitary second of his extraordinary journey to accomplish everything within his heart and mind." Ruth Hill

Full interview below:

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